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Benn Pigot & John Young Are The Best!

If you do one thing today make sure it is clicking the video below and watching the whole damn thing from start to finish! After a couple of years in the making John Young has gotten yet another masterpiece of BMX cinematography completed. John and Benn have been riding together for so many years now that there is an obvious chemistry between Johns lens and Benns riding. Not just anyone with camera skills could make what Benn does look this good! Ok enough reading of my dumb words and more watching people……. Press play now!

Benn Pigot – Fit Bike Co 2016 from John Young on Vimeo.

Benn has been ripping and repping Fit Bike Co for a little while now and has always had a pretty sweet bike set up. Fit frames flat out rule, so to ride what Benn rides simply click here.

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