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  • $74.95 inc GST

    Bicycle Union 2z Shinpad

    $74.95 inc GST

    Having hacked up shins seems to come as part and parcel with being a BMX rider and we all wear our shin scars with pride, a reminder of how hard we ride and how sharp our pedals are. Makes you feel very manly and tough indeed. The thing is, we can actually avoid this pain and permanent scaring by simply slapping on a pair of high quality shinguards. Behold! The magical Bicycle Union Shinguards are here to serve and protect your precious shins! Nice one fellas, love your work and the world thanks you!

  • $39.95 inc GST

    Bicycle Union Love/ Hate Gloves

    $39.95 inc GST

    The classic Bicycle Union Love/Hate gloves have been a best seller for ages.
    The gloves feature a simple design and slide on without the need for a velcro strap. Classy and cooler than MC Hammer!

  • $74.95 inc GST

    Bicycle Union Shadow Knee Pads

    $74.95 inc GST

    Knees are a very important part of your body. Without knees you would not be able to ride a bike. True story bro……….
    For this reason you should protect your knees from harm when you are dong risky activities such as riding your bicycle and doing silly things like jumps and tricks and such. These Bicycle Union Shadow slim kneepads are pretty awesome and will protect your precious knee from harm when out on the bicycle. Splendid. You should buy some now……..

  • $39.95 inc GST

    S&M Hip Flask

    $39.95 inc GST

    Hard a hard day on the bike? Too many annoying scooters at the park? Bashed your already bloody shins a few too many times? Sometimes a sneaky swig of liquor is appropriate. It just is. These quality stainless steel, shield engraved 8oz hip flask from S&M are pretty perfect. This bad boy is a must have and will hold enough whiskey to get you through the hard days.

  • $49.00 inc GST

    S&M QP Series DVD Box Set

    $49.00 inc GST

    Back in 2012 S&M released a new DVD every 3 months and at the end put them all into one tidy box set. With this little beauty you get 4 full length DVDs in one hit. Hoorah! It may be a couple of years old but the riding is still awesome and a lot of fun to watch.

  • $29.00 inc GST

    S&M Retro Pad Set

    $29.00 inc GST

    Pad sets are sooo 1994! This is not a negative statement! Pad sets are awesome and you know it! I happen to have these exact pads on my bike right now and all my early 1990s BMX fantasies are coming true. Plus thet look awesome and protect your knees and nuts from harmful and sharp bike parts during crashes. Winner!!!

  • $89.00 inc GST

    TSG Dawn Helmet

    $89.00 inc GST


    This helmet is the right choice for riders who dig 1970's vibes but want the security that 21st century technology brings. Freaturing the same legendary comfortable fit as the Evolution helmet, the Dawn is one heck of a awesome skid lid!
  • $79.00 inc GST

    TSG Evolution Helmet

    $79.00 inc GST

    The helmet of champions? It could be! But it is definitly the most comfortable and most popular helmet we have ever sold here at Hell On Wheels.FeaturingTSG’s trademark low and snug fit, the Evolution helmet sticks to your head like no other shell. Anatomically shaped it smoothly curves around your head for great fit and wearing comfort.

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