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  • $189.00 inc GST

    Profile Mini Front Hub

    $189.00 inc GST

    Profile have been offering the highest quality hubs in BMX for 20 years and they remain some of the best hubs money can buy. They also happen to very beautiful to look at. Bonus!

  • $349.00 inc GST

    Profile Mini Rear Hub

    $349.00 inc GST

    Possibly the most loved, the most versatile and the most beautiful BMX cassette hub in the history of the world. Profile Hubs are of the highest quality and are worth every penny!

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    $749.00 $629.00 inc GST

    Profile Mini- S&M Shield Wrap Hubset

    $749.00 $629.00 inc GST

    If you like the good stuff then you will love these! 2 of the best brands in BMX history have teamed up to create some super amazing and super rare hubs. Limited to only 300 pairs worldwide,these jems are a must have for any avid Profile or S&M fan.

  • $279.95$309.95 inc GST

    Profile Race Cranks

    $279.95$309.95 inc GST

    The most popular cranks of all time are still awesome in 2015!!!! These baddies have remained virtually unchanged for 30 years! Profile cranks are the standard by which all other cranks are measured. 4130 tubular chromoly with a 48-spline gun-drilled hollow (GDH) chromoly spindle to help save weight. Made in the U.S.A and used by more pro riders over the years than any other crank ever made! NICE.