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  • $54.95 inc GST

    Relic Choice Railed Seat

    $54.95 inc GST

    Just when we all thought that the trusty seat with rails had been run out of town by it’s pivotal and tripod-ish cousins and left for dead in the sea of extinct bike parts, along comes our hero and savior. Relic BMX are all about that classic look and feel with the highest quality in mind. The new Choice railed seats are slim and handsome and will add a touch of classy toughness to your steel steed!

  • $59.00 inc GST

    Relic Choice Seatpost

    $59.00 inc GST

    If you thought finding a seat with rails was difficult in 2016, then you are probably more than aware of how much harder a good railed seatpost is to come by. Well not anymore folks! Relic have us all covered with this neat and minimal little beauty.