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Shadow Conspiracy

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    Shadow Conspiracy Interlock Chain

    $49.95$54.95 inc GST

    The original and still the best !!! When The Shadow Conspiracy invented the half link chain all those years ago I bet they had no idea just how many companies would copy the idea. Imitation may be the best form of flattery but in this case nothing can come close to the original! Super tough and cute as a button, the Interlock is one champion of a chain!

  • $29.00 inc GST

    Shadow Conspiracy Ravager Plastic Pedals

    $29.00 inc GST

    The Shadow Conspiracy have been making high quality products with a ton of style for over 10 years now and these shin saving shoe standers (thats plastic pedals to most peoples brains) are a fine example of what they are all about. Great hard waring parts that look the goods!

  • $109.00 inc GST

    TSC Chula Upload Stem- Black

    $109.00 inc GST

    The Shadow Conspiracy Chula stem is Lahsaan Kobza's signature stem featuring a topload design that's CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum. To help shed weight, the top and faceplate have been machined to remove unnecessary material without sacrificing strength. Engraved Shadow logos on the side, chamfered edges and a recessed compression bolt area provide a clean look.

  • $59.00 inc GST

    TSC Kevin Kalkoff Penumbra Tripod Seat

    $59.00 inc GST

    Kevin Kalkoff’s new signature Penumbra seat is set to impress! Dressed IN PU leather with debossing to resemble classic seats of the past. If you’ve seen Kevin ride you know he attacks everything at full speed, so he wanted a slim and ergonomic design that allows maximum movement on the bike. A subtle seat that looks great, with an amazing shape for riders that rip like Kevin who are looking for a more slim and out of the way design.

  • $69.00 inc GST

    TSC Supreme Chain

    $69.00 inc GST

    The Shadow Conspiracy Interlock Supreme chain takes the tried and true Interlock V2 a step further with a proprietary forging process that makes the Supreme chain the strongest and most durable BMX chain in the world. Using this unique forged link design, along with extra wide hardened rollers, the Supreme chain is able to achieve an incredible 1500kgs tensile strength rating. Because of this, the Supreme chain is more resistant to grind and bash damage while reducing chain stretch. Half link design allows you to dial in the chain length and is compatible with 8T and larger drivers.