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  • $64.95 inc GST

    Shimano Deore XT V Brake

    $64.95 inc GST

    Shimano brakes are known for their superoir quality and their slim, slick aesthetics. These beauties are the choice of brake for Hell On Wheels main man Tom's race bike. So they must be good if that nerd is using them!

  • $119.00 inc GST

    Shimano Saint Pedals

    $119.00 inc GST

    After years of success, the time favourite Shimano DX flat pedals have been succeeded by the new Shimano PD-MX80 Saint pedals that feature a wider (+3mm), lower profile (-8.5mm) platform with an easy replacement pin system. These flat pedals are adapted to aggressive riding. The Shimano MX80 retains the durable, smooth rotating axle and concave ergonomic platform that made the Shimano DX pedal a legend. If you like to ride dirt or race BMX not clipped in then these are THE pedal to have!