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Tree Bike co

  • $79.00 inc GST

    Tree 4130 Spline Drive Sprocket

    $79.00 inc GST

    The Tree Heat-Treated V2 Spline Drive sprocket is made from 4.5mm thick heat-treated chromoly and features a revised 8 spoke design that's thicker in high stress point areas to increase strength. Offset 3/32″ teeth help improve chain alignment and the center bore is compatible with 19mm 48 splined spindles only, eliminating the need for a sprocket bolt.

  • $89.00 inc GST

    Tree Classic Bolt Drive Sprocket- Woodgrain 28t

    $89.00 inc GST

    When Tree Bike co was first formed, this was one of the first products they ever produced and it impressed everyone. It made every other brand take note and set a new standard in sprocket manufacturing. The classic Tree sprocket has been re-introduced into the tree range and we are lucky enough to have scored this limited edition woodgrain weapon! Get on!

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    $119.00 $85.00 inc GST

    Tree Collett Stem 53mm

    $119.00 $85.00 inc GST

    The Tree Collet stem is made of 7075 aluminum by 3D surface contour CNC machining and uses geometry similar to a traditional top load stem. Featuring a unique collet steerer tube clamp that compresses the top and bottom of the stem together, compressing the collet onto the fork for a solid fit. 1-1/8″

  • $119.00 inc GST

    Tree Lite Spline Drive Sprocket-19mm

    $119.00 inc GST

    The original Spline Drive sprocket!! These beautifully crafted piece of artwork needs to be seen to be believed. The spline drive system eliminates the need for a sorocket locator bolt and runs directly off the spilne of the cranks spindle and has now been copied by every other brand. Imitation as they say is the greatest form of flattery, and this sweet sprocket must be god as it has been copied more than most!

  • $59.95 inc GST

    Tree Thin Ergo Seat

    $59.95 inc GST

    The Tree Ergo Pivotal seat may be the most attractive pivotal seat on the market today and features a custom ergonomic shape to increase comfort and a 1-pc micro-fiber covering with embossed Tree logo and custom Tree access patch to the hollow chromoly bolt. Yeah!!!!