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  • $29.00 inc GST

    Odyssey Springfield Brake

    $29.00 inc GST

    The Odyssey Springfield U-brake turns the installation and adjustment of U-brakes into a quick and easy process that requires nothing more than a 5mm Allen key. By using a small center pull coil spring to attach both brake arms together, the Springfield brakes require no further spring tension adjustment. Cast aluminum arms help keep cost down without sacrificing brake stiffness and include Odyssey Ghost brake pads with integrated toe-in to further ease installation. Straddle cable, cable hanger and all necessary hardware included.

  • $89.00 inc GST

    Mankind Truth U Brake

    $89.00 inc GST

    Brakes are a good thing! The Mankind Truth U-brake features CNC machined brake arms made from 7075-T6 aluminum with multiple cutouts for less weight and clear Baradine brake pads for increased braking performance on painted rims. Includes CNC machined alloy cable hanger, braided straddle cable and all necessary hardware.

  • $89.00 inc GST

    Proper U Brake

    $89.00 inc GST

    Possibly one of the nicest sets of brakes out there on the market today. Light, stiff and attractive to the eyeballs!

  • $25.00 inc GST

    Tektro V Brake

    $25.00 inc GST

    Amazing stopping power with an amazing price tag! Cheap but far from nasty!

  • $34.00$34.95 inc GST

    Odyssey Monolever

    $34.00$34.95 inc GST

    The best brake lever ever made? It is a big call but I have a feeling it would get an amazing review from anyone who has ever used one of these lovely levers in the past. High quality, amazing feel and pretty looking are just 3 of the monolevers best qualities. Brakes are making a little comeback, and this may be the lever that convinces you to get them stoppers back on yer bike!

  • $20.00 inc GST

    Kool Stop Thinline Brake Pads

    $20.00 inc GST

    The Thinline pad was designed for brake systems with tight brake clearance and for easy tire removal. This pad has a hardened rigid internal backbone that helps pack a lot of performance into a small space.

  • $20.00 inc GST

    Kool Stop Vans Brake Shoes

    $20.00 inc GST

    These things are one of the coolest things to have ever happened to BMX. Originally created back in the 80s, the Kool Stop Vans Brake Soes are back and as rad as ever!