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  • $239.00 inc GST

    Fit Shiv V3 Forks

    $239.00 inc GST

    Fit had a goal to design and produce an extremely strong fork with plenty of tire clearance. After 2 years of R&D and a lot of investment in tooling, the Shiv V.3 is available with a quick 25mm offset. With a heap of rad features that make these forks so strong.

  • $199.00 inc GST

    Fluide Pulse Race Fork

    $199.00 inc GST

    Fluide are a new French BMX race parts company who seem focused on making nice, light, storng and visually pleasing products for all you speed demons out there. Check out the bullet end caps on the bottom of the fork legs!! Neat.

  • Odyssey R32 Forks

    The R32 is the refined, re-incarnated version of Odyssey's classic original 41 Thermal forks so you know they are light, strong and super duper amazeballs bro!

  • S&M Race XLT Forks

    The S&M Race XLT-T fork is made in the USA from 4130 chromoly with a 1-pc machined steerer tube, double-butted and tapered fork legs for less weight, 3/16″ thick dropouts with triangular cutouts and 4Q Baked heat-treated for maximum strength.

  • $269.00 inc GST

    S&M Widemouth Pitchforks

    $269.00 inc GST

    The same trusty old S&M Pitchforks complete with all their amazingness are now available in widemouth versions! Now your oversize balloon tyres wont even come close to buzzing the inside of the forks. Hooray for that!

  • $229.00 inc GST

    Total GS Forks

    $229.00 inc GST

    The Mark Webb signature fork is extremely responsive with its low offset of 30mm, it will steepen up your front end which is great for tech riding and nose manuals. The forks also have super tapered legs which look really tidy. Most of all, Mark is extremely happy with these forks and felt they made his bike feel great. Hooray for that!