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  • $44.95 inc GST

    Odyssey Aitken Seat

    $44.95 inc GST

    Possibly one of the last readily available BMX seats with rails to ever exist!!! Mike Aitken brought a whole new element of style to BMX and his signature seat too has plenty of style. If the pivotal and Tripod systems just are not for you, then one of these bad boys could be the answer. Light, strong and so very pretty!!!

  • $54.95 inc GST

    Relic Choice Railed Seat

    $54.95 inc GST

    Just when we all thought that the trusty seat with rails had been run out of town by it’s pivotal and tripod-ish cousins and left for dead in the sea of extinct bike parts, along comes our hero and savior. Relic BMX are all about that classic look and feel with the highest quality in mind. The new Choice railed seats are slim and handsome and will add a touch of classy toughness to your steel steed!

  • $59.00 inc GST

    Subrosa X Slayer Pivotal Seat

    $59.00 inc GST

    If you don’t think is is awesome then you may not be human! Subrosa has teamed up with legendary thrash metal band, Slayer, for a limited edition run of complete bikes and parts for metal head BMXers.

    The Subrosa Slayer Pivotal seat features a Mid padded base with black leather sides, black denim top cover with custom Slayer X Subrosa screen-printed patch and an embossed Slayer logo on the rear.

  • $59.95 inc GST

    Tree Thin Ergo Seat

    $59.95 inc GST

    The Tree Ergo Pivotal seat may be the most attractive pivotal seat on the market today and features a custom ergonomic shape to increase comfort and a 1-pc micro-fiber covering with embossed Tree logo and custom Tree access patch to the hollow chromoly bolt. Yeah!!!!

  • $59.00 inc GST

    TSC Kevin Kalkoff Penumbra Tripod Seat

    $59.00 inc GST

    Kevin Kalkoff’s new signature Penumbra seat is set to impress! Dressed IN PU leather with debossing to resemble classic seats of the past. If you’ve seen Kevin ride you know he attacks everything at full speed, so he wanted a slim and ergonomic design that allows maximum movement on the bike. A subtle seat that looks great, with an amazing shape for riders that rip like Kevin who are looking for a more slim and out of the way design.