Welcome to Hell on Wheels BMX Store

Hell on Wheels offers professional quality workshop services. From a simple part fitting, to complete strip down rebuilds, we can ensure your ride is dialled and ready to take on whatever terrain you choose. Our workshop charges are listed below.


Fit BB- $30
Fit Cranks- $30
Fit Sprocket- $25
Fit Chain- $20
Fit Pedals-$5
Fit Freewheel/ Cassette Cog- $15
Fit New Cassette Driver- $25


Fit Internal Headset- $25
Fit External Headset-$35
Fit Handlebars or Stem-$15
Cut Steerer Tube/ Handlebars=$30


Full Brake Set Up-$40
Fit Levers/ Adjust Brake- $25
Fit/ Replace Cable & Adjust Brake-$25
Fit Brake Pads/ adjust Brake-$20
Adjust Brake (per end)- $15


Fit New Tube (incl tube)- $20
Fit Tyre- $20
Wheel True Basic (in bike)- $15
Wheel True Professional – $30
Replace Spokes/ Professional True (excluding cost of spokes)- $30
Wheel Build $65

All parts purchased at Hell On Wheels can be fitted free of charge pending workshop schedule. (eg if it is quiet and you want your sprocket and cranks fitted, this can be done free of charge at next available convenience)

If the workshop is busy and you want your parts fitted at YOUR convenience then full workshop rates apply.

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