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Shield Love

As you may or may not already know, we here at Hell On Wheels are massive fans of pretty much anything S&M do. Over the past week or so we have been lucky enough to get some rad little S&M accessories here in the store. Accessories are great, I love accessories, everyone surely loves a good accessories right?


For once we got our timing right and actually have beanies in stock in time for the colder months. Go us! The classic retro striped beanie has been around for longer than some of you have been alive and still looks slick all these years later!
The classic cuff style shield patch beanie is tougher than a prank phone call and looking mean in black and fashionable combat green versions. Keep that noggin toasty this winter folks as no one likes a cold noggin!


Running with the handsome headware theme, we also have these saucy snapbacks. The crew classic snapback is quite the attractive item, so attractive it is borderline provocative, I mean just look at these things. Mmmmmm, tidy indeed!!


If drinking hard liquor and writing about things is your bag, then believe it or not we have you well and truly covered! The always awesome and rather popular S&M hip flasks are back in stock and are a must own for any S&M tragic like myself even if you aren’t, it’s at least a cool place to carry your mid bike ride whiskey! As for the pens, I do not have a detailed spec list other than it is a click click operated ball point pen that is covered in tiny S&M shields. Sounds to me like the best pen ever manufactured!! Nice!

This brings us to the end of all the awesome bits we had arrive in the store but it is not quite the end of this post…….
Today I leave you with our main man Collin, who is so stoked and dedicated to the S&M brand that he recently got that eternally recognisable logo inked into his skin. What a dude!
Collin, we salute you.


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