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The Truth……..

BMX most definitely is freedom!
That feeling you get when you first fly down the street and catch a bit of air off a crappy home made jump is pretty much the best ever. The faster you go the better it gets! That wonderful contraption known as the BMX bicycle has given us all endless amounts of fun and taken us all on loads of rad adventures. So much of our life experience has in some form or another come from riding our bikes. Sometimes I feel we all need to stop and appreciate just how many of the amazing things in our lives have come from riding stupid little bikes for all those years.

t bar

It is exceptionally easy to get caught up in the modern day dramas of the modern day universe we live in. Riding bikes is the best ,but it can also drag a trail of annoying crap along with it and it can be very easy to lose that buzz and excitement you used to get when there is drama and stress clouding the once sunny skies of the land of “fun with friends on bikes” that used to be so damn amazing.
Drama and stress can come from anywhere. For some it’s arguments on social media about who did what trick and who sucks because of what. For others it’s trying to ride street and being constantly harassed by security and police and never being able to just go out and ride. For me personally it’s the day to day business grind of the BMX industry getting in the way of my fun.

Let us all take a step back and take a deep breath and remember that feeling you got when you and your bike caught that first bit of air. The pure simplicity of that time in your life can be recaptured very easily. Today I am putting this song and going on a slightly extended lunch ride to the bakery. I am going to pedal fast, do a couple of sweet skids and jump off some driveways and curb cuts. I am not going to attempt any real “tricks” but I bet you I will have a shit load of fun doing so.
My method may not suit every one out there but give it a go. We can easily forget about the power of a good old fashioned spirited sprint around the hood.

All Time Low. from FBM BMX on Vimeo.

While on the topic of keeping things simple and fun and as I am a huge sucker for nostalgia, I am declaring that FBMs “All Time Low” maybe the most perfect BMX video ever! In my eyes anyway. Capturing and preserving an era which I hold dearly.Back in 2001 when it was released I was 17 and everything just seemed so fun and amazing and exciting. The bikes were heavy as shit but they were awesome and we loved them. This video represents that simple care free fun that we are all looking for in life. I wish there was a pause button time machine thing so I could go and visit 2001 on the weekends. To think I share the skatepark and race track with kids who were not even born when thus video was made still baffles me. Now I know how the generations before me felt when people started slamming their seats all the way down. Ignore me as I’m rambling…….
Watch it. It’s brilliant!


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