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Wally The Wheel Master

As many of you would already be aware, we here at Hell On Wheels we offer a radabonzical and professional wheel building service for wheels of any size or shape, well maybe not shape as I can’t see myself being asked to build too many triangular wheels in the near future. Maybe I should say ” wheels of many sizes or configurations” instead. Regardless of all that, you can get the lowdown on all of our wheel building shenanigans by checking out our official wheel build page here.

Yesterday was a special day of wheel building for me as I got to sample and assemble many different kinds of wheels and needless to say I was psyched the whole damn time I was doing it!


First of all were these cute T Squared carbon BMX race rims in 20 X 1 1/8 for little Rory the 11 year old BMX race rocket. I have noticed Carbon rims slowly making thier way into the BMX race scence lately and I kinda dig the way they look, yet I am terrified for the saftey of any person using them who is over 50Kgs. But these things look tough and are light as! Rory is going to be so stoked!


Next up was more BMX race wheels. At first I was thinking. “whats with the sudden rush of race related jobs I have been getting?”. I soon remembered that this weekend is the BMX NSW state Pre- titles up in Newcastle and everyone is getting their last minute bike dial on. These beauties are for Bathurst Elite racer Adam Carey. The Aliennation Rims laced up to some of the new Onyx hubs turned out a treat and got me stoked to build more. Yew!


These Velocity track wheels seemed almost boring and exceptionally plain after the previous two wheel sets, but I managed to avoid the boredom of a very plain and bland build when at the last minute the customer asks for some gold anodized nipples. Yay! It’s the little things that make us happy after all!


These were not built today but I can safely say they are my favourite build so far this year! Ultra rare S&M wrapped Profile Hubs laced to G Sport Birdcage rims with red nipples! Soooo much awesome in one wheel set! A big thanks to James for purchasing such glorious items and for trusting me with his wheel porn!

That was just about enough wheel excitement for me for one day. I am off for a ride. Stoked as usual!


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