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West -CON- Nex

Imagine this……..
A sweet, professionally designed, highly groomed and extremely fun and awesome little inner city pumptrack right here in the inner west of Sydney. Sounds pretty amazing right! I thought so too.
I have been working with Marrickville council and a local legend named Peter Erling on making this dream a reality for about 5 years now. Many hours have been spent and many a meeting have been attended in attempting to get this fantasy off the ground.

Things were looking good and construction was meant to have started this month. That was until that big evil road named West Connex decided to spoil the party by compulsorily acquiring the land at the back of Camdenville Oval in St Peters (the site for the track), and using it as a works dept for vehicles once construction of the stupid new road commences. If you are unaware of what West Connex is and what it will do to our local are, check out this site for a ton of good info about a bad idea which will hurt a ton of peoples lives.

pumpy 2
Pictured above is the new pumptrack in the heart of Brooklyn New York- Pretty damn amazing huh?

All hope is not lost just yet….. YET. If you are free this Saturday please come to respond to the M5 east Westconnex EIS by making a submission between 9am & 1:30pm at St Peters Anglican Church on Princes Hwy, St Peters. It’s almost opposite where the Westconnex Pop Up Shop event at 2B, 238 Princes Hwy will be at the same time so you can also talk direct to them across the road. Don’t forget to say NO to occupation of Camdenville Park as a lay down area for contractors at the cost of the democratically approved BMX pump track that’s been deferred indefinitely unless we stop that unnecessary land grab for contractors conveniences. They have alternative areas to use!

The road could take up to 8 years to finish and personally, I do not want to wait that long for a track that is likely to never get built! Please get along if you can. For now here are some sweet videos showing off some fun looking pumptracks. Enjoy!

TylerVision – June, 2012 from TiogaBMX on Vimeo.

OTC Pump Track from BarryNobles on Vimeo.

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