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What Could Go Wrong?

It has been some time since we hosted a DVD launch/ premiere here at the store and this one is shaping up to be a cracker!!

On Saturday night we will be showing The Shadow Conspiracies new and much anticipated DVD realise of ” What Could Go Wrong?”.

This time around we are keeping things real, real ghetto that is! We will be transforming our little backyard into a full blown outdoor cinematic extravaganza complete with random chairs, couches and mismatching carpets and rugs. It may get a little chilly so bring a jacket!

6.30 is the listed start time and we are aiming to hit the play button right on 7. So come along for some high quality, high zoot action. Feel free to BYO but be mindful that some youngsters will also be attending so please don’t act like a drunken idiot. Check out the trailer below to get yourself into the mode! Personally I can not wait to see this thing. Sooo many amazing riders together in one video! Daaaaayyyyuuum!!!!

Stoked as heck!!!!

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