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To many people, wheel building is viewed as some kind of mystical black art that only a handful of talented people are able to master. This is not really the case as any person with mild mechanical ability, the ability to watch youtube tutorials and rather high levels of patience can learn to build a wheel. Ultimately ending up with a finished product that may or may not be considered “ride-able”, especially if you decide to ride this well fast.

However if you want a wheel that you can trust your life with, having an experienced professional build it will make a world of difference. Someone who can calculate the correct spoke lengths needed, use high quality spokes and nipples and lace a wheel correctly so that it’s straight, round and strong enough for the abuse you will be throwing at it is who you need. A wheel that should outlast the frame you bolt it onto.

We see lots of wheels built by people who can “kind of, sort of” build a wheel, but they just don’t seem to have that little bit of extra knowledge and skill needed to keep your wheels rolling round and tight.

Luckily for you, Hell On Wheels has its very own wheel building master. Tom Boorman has been professionally building some of the finest BMX wheels for riders around the world for over 10 years.

Tom will also gladly build any kind of wheel (be it road bike, mountain bike or bizarre electric bike combo) using the same knowledge and skill as he does with BMX wheels. Lots of people, including many professional bicycle mechanics find wheel building to be an arduous chore, but not Tom. He LOVES building wheels and can’t get enough of it!


When it comes to building your new wheels, Tom will gladly offer you advice as to quality choices for your hubs and rims. His knowledge from riding, along with working with the majority of hub, rim and spoke manufacturers means he can point you in the right direction for your riding needs.

But all you want is a killer looking set of 20’s for your ride right? Well Toms keen eye for colour combinations for spokes and nipples means you’ll be stoked every time you see your beloved ride!

Any questions? Hit up Tom direct.


If you buy your rims and hubs from Hell On Wheels, the spokes and wheel build labour are complimentary

If you buy your hubs or rims from us and pay for the spokes, then the wheel build labour is complimentary (eg your hub is broken but your rim is fine, so you use your existing rim and buy a new hub and new spokes then the build is free- or vice versa).

Sounds likes a plan right? You know it’s time you rode some real wheels, built by a pro!

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