Complete Frame up Build


(Old Scool or Mid School BMX Bike)

Way back in the day before the integrated headsets, high quality Bottom Brackets, sealed bearing everything & the cleverly designed frames & parts of the modern day BMX bike, building your new machine took a hell on a lot more tools & a hell of a lot more skills & time. BMX bikes were different beasts back then with press in headsets, both threaded & threadless along with American Bottom Brackets with their hefty & pesky cups, as well as unsealed, looseball bearings everywhere! The quality, technology & tolerances were just not at the level they are today & a high quality build requires multiple high end tool & a skilful, knowledgable mechanic to get that beast from yesterday running awesomely today!

*Note- pricing is a guide only as not every job is the same & many variables are in play. Accurate quotes will be provided once jobs are booked & bikes/ parts are inspected


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