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New Arrivals

  • hellonwheels_bmxshop_mk_epoch_clamp
    $20.00 inc GST

    Mankind Epoch Cromo Seatclamp

    $20.00 inc GST

    Super slim and super sassy! Most seatpost clamps are made from alloy which makes them light, but it also makes them a little chunkier than they need to be. The Epoch clamp from Mankind is made from the same cromo as your frame and is super slimlined and tidy. Nice one!

  • hellonwheels_bmxshop_fit_dl_post
    $39.00 inc GST

    Fit DL Seat Post

    $39.00 inc GST

    A seat post for railed seats in 2015? Yep you better believe it buster! With high quality CNC machine work from those legends at Fit Bike Co, the DL post is light, pretty and tough, well of course its tough, its a seatpost promoting the use of a seat with rails. You can’t really get any tougher than a seat with rails now can you?

  • s&m_clamp_goldhellonwheels_bmxshop_s&m_seatclamp
    $29.00 inc GST

    S&M XLT Seat Clamp

    $29.00 inc GST
  • hellonwheels_mk_ange_clamp
    $20.00 inc GST

    Mankind Archangel Seat Clamp

    $20.00 inc GST
  • mk_piv_blkhellonwheels_bmxshop_mk_pivotalpost
    $39.95 inc GST

    Mankind Pivotal Post

    $39.95 inc GST
  • hellonwheels_bmxshop_s&m_trackmark
    $49.95 inc GST

    S&M Trackmark Tyre

    $49.95 inc GST

    The Trackmark is S&M's new race tire. Available in folding Kevlar bead only and with a lightweight, high TPI race casing. The Trackmark center tread is broken to increase acceleration and braking traction and to reduce weight. It’s a smooth, fast tire designed for today’s hard packed or paved tracks and is available in both 20” and 24” sizes.

  • hellonwheels_bmxshop_kingkong_shinpads
    $69.00 inc GST

    King Kong Shinpads

    $69.00 inc GST
  • hellonwheels_bmxshop_bicycleunion_shinpad
    $74.95 inc GST

    Bicycle Union 2z Shinpad

    $74.95 inc GST

    Having hacked up shins seems to come as part and parcel with being a BMX rider and we all wear our shin scars with pride, a reminder of how hard we ride and how sharp our pedals are. Makes you feel very manly and tough indeed. The thing is, we can actually avoid this pain and permanent scaring by simply slapping on a pair of high quality shinguards. Behold! The magical Bicycle Union Shinguards are here to serve and protect your precious shins! Nice one fellas, love your work and the world thanks you!

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