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New Arrivals

  • deluxe barends blackhellonwheels_bmxshop_deluxe_barends
    $39.00 inc GST

    Deluxe Bar Ends

    $39.00 inc GST

    An all time classic !!! CNC Machined, super durable, and an angled set screw to help prevent dirt clog. Get Em!

  • deluxe pedals blackhellonwheels_bmxshop_deluxe_pedals
    $139.00 inc GST

    Deluxe F-Lite Pedals

    $139.00 inc GST

    It does not get any manlier than these beastly pedals! The plastic pedal posse with be running scared from these beauties. The Deluxe F-Lite Pedals are the tried and true pedals that Deluxe have offered since the beginning.CNC machined from aluminum, sealed bearings, chromoly axles, replaceable pins, and just the right amount of concave. Super Handsome and super tough!

  • deluxe t spider blackhellonwheels_bmxshop_deluxe_t-spider
    $109.00 inc GST

    Deluxe T Spider Sprocket

    $109.00 inc GST

    The new deluxe T-Spider Sprocket has that classic look coupled with some new ideas. The T-Spider design allows great strength, but weighs in light. These sprockets are made at “between sizes” so that you can dial in your set up a little better. Available in 27T or 29T
    Interchangeable centre drivers allow you to use this sprocket on any crank set. Available in 19 & 22 millimeter spline and bolt drive options. Driver is included. Just post in the comment section of your odrer which driver you need!

  • hellonwheels_bmxshop_academy_entrant

    2015 Academy Entrant

  • hellonwheels_bmxshop_academy_inspire18
    $489.00 inc GST

    2015 Academy Inspire 18″

    $489.00 inc GST
  • hellonwheels_bmxshop_academy_aspire
    $529.00 inc GST

    2015 Academy Aspire

    $529.00 inc GST
  • hellonwheels_bmxshop_odyssey_aitken_seat
    $39.00 inc GST

    Odyssey Aitken Seat

    $39.00 inc GST

    Possibly one of the last readily available BMX seats with rails to ever exist!!! Mike Aitken brought a whole new element of style to BMX and his signature seat too has plenty of style. If the pivotal and Tripod systems just are not for you, then one of these bad boys could be the answer. Light, strong and so very pretty!!!

  • hellonwheels_bmxshop_odyssey_dugan
    $39.95 inc GST

    Odyssey Tom Dugan Tyre

    $39.95 inc GST

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